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Finding a house in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a great city to live in. In our opinion at least, but since you're here you might agree. Sadly, a lot of other people agree. That's the number one reason why it's so hard to find a house here. There's too little houses for the amount of people that are looking for one!

Luckily there's a couple of steps you can take to increase your chances of finding that perfect rental in Amsterdam. And of course, we'd love to help you with that.

How to find a house in Amsterdam

To maximize your chances on finding a new Stekkie we've constructed the following tips and tricks for you. Be prepared that finding a house in Amsterdam will require some perseverance, but never forget; the steady wins the race!

  • 1 Know what you want

    Take some time to really write down what you're willing to spend on living in Amsterdam and what kind of apartment you'd like to have. Rooms, mimimal surface, outside space, any requirements, write them down and continue to step 2.

  • 2 Check what's possible

    Naturally, the price of houses is hugely dependent on both location and size. You'll find extra information on the prices per location and size below so write down which neighbourhoods would be the best fit for your requirements.

  • 3 Monitor housing websites. Every. Day.

    Now comes the fun part. Be sure to refresh those housing websites every minute of the day in order to view and find every rental listing that comes online matching your requirements.

  • 4 Respond fast!

    If you've found listing that you like, be sure to instantly respond to the listing. This is very important as a lot of people will be interested in the listing, and viewings go on a first-come-first-serve basis. If your fast, you'll have the highest chance of being invited to the viewing.

    Tip: This is where Stekkies can hugely help you on your search. We make sure you can always be the first to respond to listings while not having to monitor websites yourself.

  • 5 Attend viewings.

    Great, you've made it. Now it's time to dazzle the agent with how well you've prepared for this. Take all the required documents, dress somewhat decent and put on your best smile. First impressions matter, and being well prepared will definitely help your chances. Good luck!

  • Required documents

    When you're interested in a property, the landlord will ask you for a number of documents. The purpose of these documents is for the landlord to check whether everything is in order and that you are trustworthy tenant. It varies per landlord, but these are some of the most common documents they ask for.

    Take this in any case

    • Introduction letter. Briefly explain who you and your potential partner/friend are, what your relationship is and why you'd like to live in this apartment. Highlight that you have the financial means to rent the apartment, and make sure the letter gives a good impression of you as a tenant.

    If you're an employee

    • Copy of your passport or ID
    • An incomestatement
    • Your three most recent pay slips
    • A recent statement of the bank account where the salary is deposited

    If you own a business

    • Copy of your passport or ID
    • Your registration at the KvK
    • Profit and Loss statement of the past 2-3 years

Types of apartments in Amsterdam

Let's start at step 1. What are you exactly searching for? One of the most important things to know is how much you should expect to pay for a rental apartment. The prices for a studio aparment naturally vary from 2 bedroom apartments so we've determined how different sizes affect the average rental prices below. Don't forget these are averages; the location of your apartment definitely plays a huge role aswell!

Size Price per month
0-30 m2 € 1071.0
30-50 m2 € 1591.0
50-70 m2 € 1967.0
70-150 m2 € 2277.0

Pricing of Amsterdam

Next up is defining where you'd like to live. Hope we're not ruining your party by saying that renting anywhere in Amsterdam is expensive. However, Amsterdam is split in multiple neighbourhoods all with distinct characters and, not unimportantly, various prices. To give you an idea, check out our price chart to see which neighbourhood best fits your budget. If you're looking for something cheaper, there's some great opportunities in Ijburg or Noord., while if you value being around nice cafes be sure to check out De Pijp or Oud-West. For information about any of the other neighbourhoods, check out all of them here.

Apply often and fast

The final step in finding an apartment is actually applying; fast and often. As hundreds of interested are applying at the same apartments as you, realtors often only look at the first 15 applications. This makes it very important you are one of the first to respond. To help you with this problem we've created Stekkies! Stekkies monitors up to 100 trusted real estate listing websites every minute and emails you all listings that match your requirements as soon as they come online. This way, you save time searching while never missing an apartment and we can ensure you'll always be one of the first to respond.

Stekkies makes finding rentals easy Stekkies makes finding rentals easy

Now it's time to take action

Hopefully this article has helped you on your way. With all this new found information now it's time to actually take action! Take some paper, spreadsheets or napkins and write down step 1 or 2. If you're tired of the constant search, be sure to try out Stekkies to help you find an apartment faster. In case you're looking for some more information about any of the locations in Amsterdam, check out all of the neighbourhoods below!

Why you'll find your next rental using Stekkies.

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How Stekkies helps you find an apartment

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How Stekkies helps you find an apartment

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